Tuesday, October 31, 2006


LearnIt is a web app I've been working on since September 2005 that will help students (or anybody else) research and learn faster, smarter, and organizier.

I am planning on making LearnIt as open as possible so smart people can do smart things with it. I will be blogging cool things I learn along the way and will share a lot of the unique elements such as the Zoomable Tree interface with the developer community.

I hope to have something ready to show this summer.

UPDATE: LearnIt development has been postponed due to my involvement in another project that also has much to do with education. I do not know when I will resume development but I'll keep you posted on this blog.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Setting up a local server

I have been using a combination of Midphase hosting and Transmit FTP software for development of LearnIt. I had been doing this because I thought setting up a server locally on my MacBook would be a hassle. Transmit has been working great, but Midphase has been a little dissapointing (seems that they have to shutdown the server a lot, causing lots of downtime). So I decided to try to set up a local server on my Macbook. I found that it really isn't difficult at all...

I found this excellent freeware software called MAMP, which sets up the local server and installs Apache, MySQL 4, and PHP 5. It sets up PHPMyAdmin and some other open source software. I was setting up databases and doing MySQL queries via php files in a matter of minutes. It was almost too easy.