Thursday, February 12, 2009


I had a dilemma the other day. Remembering an interesting debate I had with someone on Twitter, I wanted to refer to it, but how? I couldn't. After some (admittedly shallow) research, I couldn't find a website that allowed me to select my conversation and publish it to the interwebs for easy referral.

So... of course I mocked up an app to do this very thing in three easy steps. I'm actually considering building the thing but would really appreciate your input and suggestions.

Publish your Tweetversations in three easy steps (click to enlarge):

1. Define the user who started the conversation and choose which of this user's tweets started it.

2. Now it displays all replies to this user since the conversation started. Choose the tweet that ended the conversation.

3. Throw out the tweets that don't belong in the conversation. And your done. Save it privately or publish it so you can refer to it in your tweets or blog posts. We may also want to have a "copy the text of the conversation" option so that users can easily embed the conversation in their blogs.

I would really like to know what you think: good idea, bad idea? How could it be better? Etc.

By the way, feel free to contact me on Twitter, my username is jerols