Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yeah, I'm building an iPhone app

So its been almost a year in college and I'm realizing that right now I am in a position that I will never be in again. These four years are a unique opportunity for me to build useful applications for college students—because I am one. Scratching my own itch is sure to scratch the itches of millions of other college students around the world. Wow.

So my first app is called "Make the Grade" (tentatively) and the inspiration came from an unexpected bombing of my Statistics test. I was quite disoriented (having a keen interest in keeping my 4.0 GPA) and thought: there should be an easy way for me to see exactly what I need to do to get an A in this class, despite this test grade.

So, enough with the boring back-scratching back story, I'm a good ways along in the design and a decent way through development so I will be launching a marketing site within a week. Until then, check out the Facebook fan page that I just created to see development updates.

Unfortunately, I've been working on the app all day and need to get back to that Statistics homework. Passionate application development has a peculiar way of sucking one's time away from one.