Thursday, August 06, 2009

Tapity — two college kids building iPhone apps and yapping about it

So you may have heard I'm building an iPhone app. In fact, its two of us: me and my brother, Josh. We're out to make our mark in the app industry and we're calling ourselves Tapity. I'm now devoting tons of time toward the project and we've decided to blog about every step we take. While great articles about designing, building, and marketing iPhone apps exist, we've found a lack in detailed case studies, with every step (from Twitter activities to design decisions) documented in a fun, colorful way. We want to change that.

Surely, our beginnings are humble but I'm putting my full force behind trying to get a lot of worthwhile discussion going—hope you join us at, it should be fun.

By the way, I would really appreciate your input on the custom theme I've been designing for (pictured above). Also feel free to follow our new Twitter account: @tapityapps.