Monday, January 15, 2007

What is LearnIt?

LearnIt is about making research fast, effective, and organized.

LearnIt is about making learning seamless and fun.

These are the words that come to me when I think of LearnIt at this point. I will update this soon, saying a little something about each word and why I describe LearnIt this way.

I am a student. I think the internet is a powerful research/learning tool. I think it can be better.

How can researching/learning on the internet be better? That is what LearnIt is. I am trying to find the best possible experience for researching and learning on the internet. It is a bit like a case study with the result being a web application. As I do my everday research and learning on the internet, I examine my study habits and brainstorm web application features that would help me be more efficient and learn more.

There are all kinds of things out there like Google Notebook, and Scrybe (which looks very cool). But if you could create a web application specifically designed for students who want to research and learn things on the internet, what would it be like?

I am always open to ideas, so feel free to comment.