Friday, May 11, 2007

Zoomable Tree (a quicker way to navigate a tree) updated

I have aquired some input on the Zoomable Tree idea I posted about a little while ago primarily by going onto techie forums and presenting the sample. Based on the input I have made a few changes and some overall speed enhancements as well.

Changes include:

  • Mousing over zoomed-out items enlarges them

  • Parents, grandParents, greatGrandParents, and greatGreatGrandParents of selected Item are slightly enlarged and more visible

  • Some text size changes

  • Speed enhancements due to more effecient code/less animation

  • Numerous bug fixes

  • You can use the new (still IE incompatible) version here (the same place the old version used to be).

    Feel free to express your opinion, suggestion, etc. in the comments or by emailing me.

    If anybody knows of a good place I can host future versions for free, I would like to hear it because Google Pages is a little bit limiting.

    Comment if you would like to see an easy-to-implement ZoomableTree javascript class. I am willing to work on one only if there is enough demand.