Monday, August 13, 2007

iPhone Cream, success?

I never formally announced it on this site but if you go to iPhone Cream you will notice that I have announced that I am not going to continue to develop the site and have put the source code up for grabs. The reason? Time mainly. I have been working on a cool new project and I just don't have a lot of time. If I did, I think I could have made iPhone Cream one of the best iPhone app sites out there (I had some pretty cool ideas for future development). But I noticed that the iPhone app site market is saturated. If I was going to compete at all I would need to spend a lot of time. And what with the school year starting in a few weeks, there is just no way I could compete. But I invested a lot of time in the code so I decided to open the code to others so those who think the general concept is cool can continue the concept in their own venture.

So was it a success? Judging by the number of users, no. I didn't really actively market it and it shows. The user count is less than 100. But was the idea a good one? I think so. After opening the code up I've had 3 requests so far. At least one from a man who is the leading innovator in his field. So I'm looking forward to see what these people do with the source.