Wednesday, July 11, 2007

See what EDGE is like at a Apple or ATT store

Worried about EDGE on the iPhone? Try it out at your local Apple or ATT store. Yes, the iPhones that you will use there will be on WIFI but here are some instructions on how to change that...

It is very simple. Press the home button to get to the home screen -> press the "settings" icon -> press the "Wi-Fi" setting -> drag the Wi-Fi slider from right to left to turn Wi-Fi off. Now that the iPhone is not using Wi-Fi you can go to Safari and see how fast your local EDGE is. I suggest you turn Wi-Fi back on before leaving the store because I don't know how thrilled the employees would be to see the demo iPhones using the slower EDGE internet access rather than Wi-Fi.

I have not actually tried this at an Apple or ATT store but this is something that I would have liked to know before getting an iPhone.