Sunday, March 18, 2007

Gotta catch a Freebase alpha account

For the past few days I've been scouring the web for information about Freebase (see my last post). This is due not only to the role Freebase will play in the future of the web but I am very interested in the API for use in LearnIt.

I think I am close to getting an alpha account (see the comments under this blog post). If I do I will share my thoughts here.

From my research I found a few blog posts that are worth mentioning.

One of the first articles about Freebase is O'Reilly's blog post about it (with pictures).

Another interesting one is from Ilya Lichtenstein, a fortunate blogger who got a alpha account. In his blog post he writes about the semantic search capabilities of Freebase and includes some pictures.

UPDATE: md so kind as to invite me to the Freebase Alpha. I'll be examining Freebase and checking out the API. So far it is looking really good. I'll write up a more detailed report when I have spent more time with it.