Tuesday, June 05, 2007

June is upon us

This has been and will continue to be a big month for the tech industry. Specifically, Apple Inc.

June 11th is the day that Steve Jobs will deliver his keynote in which he is expected to unveil the secret features in Leapord that we haven't seen yet as well as make some other cool announcements (they just recently announced new MacBooks and MacBook Pros so I bet it will be an new iMac).

But where the buzz is really at is with the iPhone, set to launch June 29. With people like Mike Arrington raving about the device (and he's not the only one), I think its going to be a winner when it hits the market. I'm probably not going to get the first version due to financial constraints but I'll certainly be eager to get my hands on one ASAP to test the first true non-baby internet experience on a mobile phone. I want to make LearnIt as iPhone friendly as possible because using LearnIt on an iPhone would be awesome and very practical.

Oh, by the way, June 29 is my birthday. But the iPhone is way out of range. Too bad.