Thursday, April 12, 2007

OS 10.5 delayed because of iPhone

Mac OS X Leapord is delayed until October because Apple needed to dedicate some crucial resources to the iPhone. This is a little dissapointing but there aren't any features in Leapord I absolutely need right now, so I can wait.

The real subject here is the iPhone. Apple is obviously allocating a lot of resources to developing the iPhone. I think its great. Wether the iPhone does well or not, the standard for browsers on mobile devices will be raised dramatically. Safari on the iPhone is awesome. I, for one, will be making sure that LearnIt works well with the iPhone. With Safari on a mobile device (javascript and all), all of a sudden a whole bunch of great web apps will be mobilized. This could get interesting.

I am wondering if Apple will give developers a iPhone-Safari emulator to test their websites. For some reason I don't see Apple doing that but it sure would be nice (I don't know if I will be able to afford an iPhone right off the bat).