Sunday, April 29, 2007

Textmate, Coda, or BBEdit

Dilemma. I don't have a lot of money to spend and I need to make a choice. I have been using BBEdit as my text editor. The version I'm using doesn't have ruby syntax coloring. Owch.

So there are a few choices: $30 for upgrade, $40 for BBEdit or $90 for Coda. I'm trying each one out.

Coda was real appealing at first because it was all integrated and had lots of cool features like code-completing and visual CSS editor. But as the tabs kept building up (and I couldn't move them around), I decided to try out TextMate again (not that I am completely closed to Coda). TextMate is growing on me. I'll definitely be testing it out more.

Comments invited.

UPDATE: I ended up buying Textmate. I love it. Project-wide search is a killer feature. Panic has fixed quite a few of Coda's issues but I think it is still best suited as an editor for websites, not web applications.